How to remove the Made in Webflow badge with custom code

Michael Groff
Michael Groff
Made in Webflow banner image

*** Disclaimer: I'm not recommending that you use this workaround to avoid paying for Webflow. Removing the Made in Webflow badge is a paid feature and I'd recommend you upgrading your plan to remove it. ***

Removing the Made in Webflow badge is actually pretty simple, it just requires a few lines of custom CSS.

Simply go to your website's project settings and under custom code in your website's <head></head> copy and paste the code snippet below. Also, make sure to place the code snippet between opening and closing <style></style> tags.

After publishing the changes, there will be no more Made in Webflow badge on your website.

Now a quick note, this doesn't remove the Webflow branding in your site's HTML. If you don't know what this is, simply right click on your website and click on inspect. A window will popup revealing your website's code.

Near the top, there will be a commented out line of text that says This website was created in Webflow.

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