How HiredScore supercharges team productivity with unlimited Webflow development

Learn how HiredScore, the world's leading provider of talent orchestration technology, uses Fitr Media to boost team productivity with unlimited Webflow development.
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About HiredScore

HiredScore is the leading provider of talent orchestration technology. They use explainable AI, safe automation, and deep integrations to deliver proactive, action-driving recommendations to the right stakeholder at the right time, meeting your HR transformation goals with the utmost quality, transparency, and real-time awareness.

Case Study

Pain Points

In early 2023, HiredScore needed help with their Webflow website. While they had designers and writers that created content and designed new pages, they needed someone to be able to fullfil all of their Webflow related tasks. And even though they had a full list of tasks each month, it wasn't enough to justify hiring an in-house developer but was also too much work for a freelancer.

Plus, hiring another employee is expensive and requires a huge commitment, and while working with a freelancer seams like a great alternative, freelancers are usually unreliable. After hearing about Fitr+, the entire HiredScore marketing team was fully onboard!

Case Study


With Fitr+ HiredScore was able to send over an unlimited number of requests and revisions each month at a flat monthly rate without being limited by caps or restrictions. Not only were they getting pretty much the same benefits from hiring an in-house developer, they were also able to stay within budget every single month since the price didn't change.

Case Study


After signing up, HiredScore went on to send over, at the time of writing this case study, 60+ requests ranging from the development of new pages to full custom code solutions.

Each request was promptly delivered on an average of 1-2 days with response times via Slack being around just 1hr.