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A 1-on-1 call to layout a step by step plan that will get your business more website customers.

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Feeling Frustrated?

You have a website for your fitness business because you've heard things like:

"In today's digital age, you've got to be online!"
"A website is vital to getting online customers."
"Your website is your new, online business card."

And while all those things are true, you're probably confused, frustrated, and wondering why you still aren't getting a consistent stream of customers from your website each and every month.

In a website strategy call, I'll create a custom step by step process on exactly what you need to do to start getting more customers from your website.

More than a simple call...

This is not a normal strategy call.
Live Website Audit
Step by Step Plan
Local SEO Audit
Competition Analysis
Keyword Research
Exclusive PDF Download

What's Included

Most fitness professionals either don’t know how to set up a website, or they struggle to get customers from it if they do.

This call will give you the exact steps you need to take to get a powerful website up and running for your business, and how to send it traffic so you start to get customers from it.

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During the Call

The ability to ask your burning questions.
A discovery session.
Audience discovery.
Exact implementation steps.

Included if You Have a Website

A live website audit.
A local SEO audit (delivered after call).

After Call

Exclusive PDF with website tips & strategies.
Tailored Competition Analysis PDF (if you already have a website).
Custom Keyword PDF

Discovery Session

This is one of the first things we'll cover. Every business is different, so I'll help you to figure our exactly what results you should be seeing from your website to get more customers, make more money, and ultimately grow your business.

Audience Discovery

One of the biggest problems I see haunting fitness professionals websites is the lack of clarity on who they serve and how they serve them. In the call, we'll get crystal clear on who you serve and how you serve them. This step alone can massively grow your business.

Implementation Steps

I'll layout the exact steps you need to take to 1) set up a website for your business and start driving it traffic, 2) or if you have a website I'll show you the exact things you need to change on your site to increase conversions and drive more traffic. You can execute these steps on your own, give them to your web developer, or hire me to do it for you.

Live Website Audit

If you already have a website, I'll audit your website live on our call. You can see first hand what I look for in a successful website, and common website mistakes that is holding your website back from sending you more customers.

Local SEO Audit

You can have a beautifully built website that clearly articulates who you serve and how you serve them, but if no one is finding your website it's useless. After our call, I'll perform a basic local SEO audit on your website, see where it's ranking on Google, and then I'll give you practical steps you can take to increase it's rankings over time and collect traffic from people already searching for your service on Google.

Competition Analysis

After our call, I'll send you a customer, detailed Competition Analysis PDF of your top 3 online competitors in your area.

Exclusive PDF

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Keyword Planning

Many agencies would never reveal this to you. After I perform a local SEO audit on your website, I'll layout a researched list of keywords that you can start to focus on ranking for. These are actually the exact keywords I would focus on targeting if you were a client of mine.

This is for you...


This call is for you if...
You're feeling frustrated with your website.
You're confused on how to set up a website.
You're not getting customers from your website.
You have burning questions about your website.


Kill frustration, and make more money.
You feel confident about your website.
Exact steps you need to take.
Learn how to send customers to your website that are already searching for your service online.
Finally get your questions answered.

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