Why Your Gym Needs To Start Doing Email Marketing

Michael Groff
Michael Groff

If you own a gym, you should be doing email marketing. If you’re unfamiliar with what email marketing is, you’re basically creating a list of other people’s emails, so that you can send them emails on an ongoing basis. If you’re a gym, the people on your list should preferably be people who are interested in fitness. This allows you to send emails to those people on your list and help them with problems they may have (if you’re a gym, it could be how to lose weight), and send sales emails to them to sell a product or a service that your gym offers.

But why would you want to do email marketing for your gym in the first place? Email marketing will help your gym get more customers, increase your gym’s awareness, and even make your gym appear as the expert in your niche. Many gyms are not doing email marketing, so if you decide to start, you’ll be on your way to standing out from the crowd.

You Own Your Email List

There are only two online assets your business fully owns — your website and your customer’s email. The hard fact is, you don’t own any of your social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all of the other social media platforms can ban your account without even a warning.

Remember back in 2019 when Facebook and Instagram crashed? For about a day or two, hardly anybody was able to log in on either social media platform. At the time, no one knew how long it was going to take to get the platforms online, so as you can guess, businesses and influencers who relied on Instagram and Facebook to connect with their audience panicked!

However, those who had an email list of their customers, clients, or fans, were able to stay in contact with their audience the entire time!

How to Start Doing Email Marketing for Your Gym

So, if you haven’t set up email marketing for your gym yet, I highly recommend that you do so, and quickly! The tool that Fitr Media uses is called ConvertKit. After trying a lot of other email marketing software on the market, I’ve found that ConvertKit is both the simplest to use and the most powerful for your business.

If you’re unfamiliar with how email marketing software works, it helps you to start collecting emails from potential customers. In addition to that, you can send out bulk emails to your entire list, create automated emails that will send automatically when someone signs up to your list, create custom landing pages, and much more.

ConvertKit costs about $30 USD / month, however, the price is definitely worth it.

Now, if you’re new to email marketing, it may seem a little complicated and intimidating. However, it’s actually pretty simple, especially when using ConvertKit.

The simplest way to start collecting emails from your target customers is to offer something for free in exchange for their email.

For Example

If you own a CrossFit gym, you could give away a free guide (one that REALLY provides value) that gives tips on how to finally conquer the infamous double unders. And in order for the person to download your free guide, they’ll have to hand over their email.

This simple strategy accomplishes two things:

  1. You now have a potential customer’s email. This allows you to send more emails in the future. These emails could be about more tips on double unders (since they signed up for double under related content), or marketing emails about your gym.
  2. Second, it shows your potential customer that you’re the expert on the topic. And who knows, if they happen to be looking for a new gym to call home, you and your gym are now at the top of their mind.


Hopefully, that was really helpful! If you have any questions regarding setting up your email list and getting started in email marketing, be sure to comment your question below, or, if you don’t feel like setting everything up yourself, Fitr Media offers a full email marketing setup service! If that interests you, be sure to contact me at fitrmedia@gmail.com!

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