How to Setup 100+ Local Citations for Your Business Using Fat Joe

Michael Groff
Michael Groff

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In this article, I’m going to be showing you where and how you can setup 100+ local citations for your local business using a service called Fat Joe. The reason we’re going to be using this service to set up our local citations is that it would take forever for you to set up 100+ citations manually. What Fat Joe does, is it takes your business’ info, such as your business website, address, and phone number, and then it submits those details to local citation websites such as Yelp,, or on your behalf.

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What are Local Citations

First, if you’re unfamiliar with what a local citation is, it’s places like a Google My Business listing or a Yelp listing. However, there are some less popular ones as well, such as or Basically, these are places online where people go to find local businesses and services.

Benefits of Creating Local Citations for Your Business

So what exactly are the benefits of having 100+ local citations for your business? Watch me explain it in this YouTube Shorts video or check it out below!

Benefit #1— Get in Front of More People

The first benefit of having 100+ local citations for your business is getting in front of more customers. It may sound crazy, but there are still people who look for businesses and services in their area using

Benefit #2 — Your Website Gets More Backlinks

The second benefit is backlinks. If you’re unfamiliar with what backlinks are, it’s whenever another website links to your website. In fact, backlinks are one of Google’s most important metrics they look at when ranking your website on Google. And while the link juice from these local citation websites is fairly small, it still helps with your website’s local SEO.

Benefit #3 — It Showcases Authority to Google

The second benefit of creating these local citations for your business is that it showcases more authority to Google. More and more Google is applying an authority score to websites and using that as a ranking factor to determine who gets ranked on the first page of Google. For example, it’s going to be a lot easier for a local gym who has a website authority score of 50 to rank faster than the gym down the road who only has a website authority score of 2.

How to Create 100+ Local Citations Using Fat Joe

So the first thing you’re going to need to do is head over to this page on Fat Joe’s website.

Purchase 100+ Local Citations Here on

It should look similar to the page below…

Image for post
Image for post

From there, Fat Joe will show you three different pricing tiers. Choose the one that fits your needs and then click on Order Now. After that, you should see something like what’s below…

Image for post
Image for post

From here, you’ll need to verify which tier you would like to purchase. Once you’ve selected your tier, you’ll be presented with your citation details. These are things like your business website, phone number, address, and more.

WARNING: Make sure your details are the exact same as your Google My Business Listing (if you have one) and on your website. Otherwise, this will cause discrepancies and negatively affect your website’s local SEO.

After that, you’ll need to create a Fat Joe account and then you’ll be prompted to pay for your citations. Once that’s done, Fat Joe will work on creating those local citations for your business!

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